Branded Cattle

Tajima Beef Cattle

Tajima Beef Cattle is a valuable Japanese Black that has been passed down since ancient times in Japan.

Quality beef such as Kobe Beef and specialty Matsusaka Beef are made from Tajima Beef Cattle that has been specially bred and certified for each brand.

Our integrated management from breeding to fattening had lead to incredible breakthroughs.

Kobe Beef Cattle

Kobe Beef may be the most well-known, and highest awarded among the many Japanese cattle brands worldwide.

Only a certain group of cattle within the Tajima Beef Cattle that meet the strict quality requirements can be certified as Kobe Beef Cattle. 

Breeding professionals work with our Tajima Beef Cattle head-on every day in order to pursue even greater quality as Kobe Beef.

Kobe Wine Beef Cattle

"What feed could improve the health of cows? "Can we create a brand cattle raised in Hyogo Prefecture, worthy of it's name?" 

After searching, we finally found our answer-grapes.  We found that the polyphenols contained in grapes can help improve meat quality, and Kobe is home to it's own grapes, with a wine that bears its name. 

As a result of trial and error, we successfully created our own homemade feed using the fermented skins and seeds, by-products of the wine production. Blessed with this  homemade feed, clean air and clean underground water

We are trying to raise Kobe Wine Beef Cattle with the land of Hikami, Hyogo Prefecture as our ally.

Kyoto Princess Beef Cattle

As the name suggests, it is a very carefully bred Japanese Black.

With our Kyoto Princess Beef, we do not increase marbling- but pursue the original quality of red meat.

Japanese Black heifers contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, so the melting point of lipids is low, resulting in a texure that melts in your mouth. 

Under the mild climate of Kyotanba, we are cultivating with thorough hygiene management.

Omi Beef Cattle

A brand of an overwhelming history of about 400 years, the definition of Omi Beef is-

"Japanese Black beef cattle that has been raised for the longest time in Shiga Prefecture, blessed with its rich natural environment and water".

On the foot of Mt.Watamuki,  with an altitude of 1,110m along the Hino River lies our Hino Ranch in an area known for its breeding of Omi Beef.

Our company will weave its history in this land blessed with rich soil and high-quality water resources.

Kumano Beef Cattle

Kumano Beef is a high-grade Wagyu beef from Wakayama prefecture. As the name suggests, it is from the  "Kumano" region in southern Wakayama Prefecture where the cattle was a valuable labor force for agriculture since the old feudal era.

Kumano Beef, with its original excellent abilities and history, has been further improved by incorporating pedigree selection. It was branded in 1991 as Wakayama Prefecture specialty product of Japanese Black cattle.

The meat quality is fine and soft with an excellent flavor. Kumano Beef's unique appeal is its aroma when grilled.

Harima Princess Beef Cattle

"Harima Princess Beef" is a brand that our company has given to cattle that have been re-fattened in the Harima region of Hyogo Prefecture.

By setting up a new re-fattening base exclusively for mother cows and raising them by professionals for more than half a year.

The meat has light fat that is easy to eat and has richness and depth that is not found in young cattle.

We are also working to improve the value of mother cows and the establishment of sustainable integrated production.

We will continue to take on the challenge of creating new value

while cherishing the world-renowned brand beef.